Fiction Writing

  • The Last Scout – Escape From Utopia
    “I don’t understand” she said, shifting again in the chair, shoulders slumped making her appear smaller than her sixteen years. “I don’t understand any of this.” Jarnison sighed, leaned across the desk and met her terrified gaze. He sensed her confusion, his peripheral telepathological hologram revealing her elevated heart rate and truth levels as corresponding
  • An Cailleach Agus A Ri Gypsy – The Witch And Her Gypsy King
    “Yer can’t go down in there,”, Margot whispered harshly to her friend, grabbing her by the skirt. “Everyone knows that’s where the witch lives!” “Don’tcha think I know that? I just want a peek. Everyone says you know her house when you see it, because it’s blue,” said Colleen, pushing further through the thicket. “I
  • Bad Influencer – Cooking For Clicks Is Murder
    When the knock came Sandra was ready for it. She knew there would be consequences, and she’d counted the cost. It was just a dog, after all, so how bad could it be? A fine? A criminal charge? Whatever was coming, she wouldn’t deny what she’d done. That bitch fucking had it coming, she thought
  • The Song Of The She Oak – A Short Story On Convict Elizabeth Rimes
    She’d not bled for several months. This itself was no surprise – most of the women stopped months earlier. When Elizabeth felt the pangs, at first she didn’t recognize them. But by the second day, the slow, deep crush in her abdomen was unbearable. It came in waves, with a show of scarlet on her