From Burial to Banqueting Table

I want to tell those of you who don’t believe a person can be transformed, or that people don’t or can’t change, you need to come and see what God has done at my house.

Point in case; on Tuesday night, we had six adults besides ourselves, two teenagers and four children at our house for dinner, and my husband Ben was there the whole time. You would have to know what life was like before to understand how this is different. We didn’t have folks to our house for dinner before, because Ben would be present with us for about one minute and forty five seconds total. He would be a no show at his own dinner party.

As we were getting ready for bed after Tuesdays dinner, Ben congratulated me on successfully cooking a lamb roast for fourteen people, saying, “Well, that was a success!” I froze. A success? Since when did you consider having a dozen people in the house would constitute success? Who are you? And what have you done with my husband?

You see, Ben once was a master of the duck and weave. He was, as we used to joke, a professional skulker. He was in hiding. God was looking around, calling out to Ben for a long time, just like He did Adam in the Garden, “Where are you?” Ben, like Adam, did not want to be found.

Adam hid because he was ashamed. Shame will drive a sane person underground, and have him behave like a mad recluse. The shameful hide from any situation where they are forced to pretend to be anything better than the filthy, helpless sinner they know themselves to be. The will sabotaged by secret sins, they know their facade will not hold up under the scrutiny of accountability, or friendship. Those filled with shame avoid relationship, for fear they will fail others the way they have failed themselves.

What cured my husbands’ debilitating shame? He stopped hiding and allowed God to find him. I know it was frightening for him. Ben was trained to believe that God is an iron-fisted Father quick to anger and slow to forgive. Ben knew He could not pay the price he believed God would exact for his wrongdoings.

The thing is that Ben is not a bad guy. He never robbed a bank, or killed a man. He has been a faithful husband and gentle father. Ben’s wrongdoings were no worse than any mans; merely springing from an inability to deal with his own weaknesses and shortcomings, and which brought him undone.

When I became ill with cancer, Ben suffered terribly with anxiety and guilt because of what our family went through. He hurt. And he had no way to get God into that hurting part, or draw on God’s strength to get him through it. He believed God was waggling his head, telling him to smarten up and get a backbone. He was ashamed of his own weakness, and he hid. God said “Where are you, Ben?” and Ben couldn’t hear Him, because he was down the back yard with a cigarette and a six pack of beer, medicating his shame.

In rehab, Ben learned to hear God’s voice. He learned to put out a hand and draw on God’s strength when his own failed. He learned to stay in the room, even with the shame, until he was loved enough to know it was okay, God wasn’t going anywhere. When Ben finally peered out from between his fingers he found God waiting for him. Here, Ben, this is some righteousness Jesus organised earlier, I think this will fit you fine.

I have seen my husband rise up from a long sleep of self-hate and humiliation, and sit up to God’s banqueting table. He is making a pig of himself I can tell you. The empathy I see in my husbands’ eyes as he tells me about the people God brings across his path makes me fall back in wonder. How God can take a man who emptied himself out in self-disgust, and fill him with such goodness and compassion is beyond my comprehension.

A pastor once told me, “People change, but not that much.” Sorry, I don’t believe that. Fear and guilt stunt the soul – but mercy draws the withered ones stumbling forth for their healing. The enemy wants us bound in the dark, but God wants us free in the light.

Change is possible. It can happen. A man can come back to life. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Don’t give up hope. I thought Ben was gone forever, but I was wrong. The good thing about this was that I truly let him go to God. I was prepared to be an Abigail before Him. Ben was lost, but was also beyond the reach of my rejection, hurt and demands for restitution. But he came back. He was truly raised from the dead.

Ben doesn’t like it when I brag about him, but I can’t help myself. Those friends and family who saw me last year will understand how what we now call normal around here is such a miracle. I doubt that anyone present for dinner on Tuesday night would have any idea why I was staring at Ben in wonder as he carved the lamb and cracked the jokes. There, thanks to the grace of God, goes my husband.

3 thoughts on “From Burial to Banqueting Table

  • August 22, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    Wow Jo! If I was a fly in the wall at your dinner party I would be marvelling with you! A man most definitely transformed. Biggest hugs and lots of love to you. Anna xxx

  • October 8, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Hi Jo, this is wonderful. I have been reading some of your material for a while now, but have to be honest have dismissed some of it as coming from place of judgment on the church. Now I have no illusions about the wrongs and judgments the religious self righteous have inflicted on God’s dear ones, but have been concerned with the question about whether a public forum is the place to air our dirty laundry. Nevertheless with that I also see your loving heart to help those of us who have been severely hurt by a controlling Pharisee. Jesus said, “bless those who curse you and pray for those who spitefully use you.” This includes, I believe, even those who believe themselves to be right within the church. So perhaps a public forum is the right place to speak of those things, but in a non judgemental way of the wrongdoer, so as to reach as many as you can with the truth to the hurting soul, that God’s not ashamed of them. Even a Pharisee is loved by God and we who know how much we are loved and have our identity in Jesus need to love them into the Kingdom. I loved your description of Ben being fitted with the perfect clothing of righteousness just for him. I have seen that fitting room where the perfect designer makes the clothing that are a perfect fit for each of us.
    I hope this makes sense Jo dear. I also hope I haven’t come across as critical of you. I love your questioning heart and we are blessed to have a Saviour who loves it too.

  • February 27, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    You are a wonderful writer and I hope more people can read what you have written. Have you sent your stories to any Christian websites or online magazines? I think they would really help a lot of people. Non Christians need to read this, too!


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