My Five Things

So I’ve been back in weekly therapy for a while now. This year and everything that’s come with it have pretty much kicked me in the back of the knees. I have made some huge decisions, some to let go, some to hold on, and the consequences of both are playing out every day.
It’s no secret I have a mental health diagnosis which requires daily medication and close supervision, and I know for folks who share this journey the past twelve months have been a test of both what we’ve learned about ourselves, and what we’re capable of. I’ve come to understand my strengths and weaknesses at a whole new level. I’ve taken self-care to the highest priority in my life, realizing it’s the only thing I have any control over.
My therapist and I identified my five things a few weeks ago – the essential practices I must bring to each day in order to have the structure upon which everything else hangs. This list is pinned next to my bed as a reminder.
Sleep. I take medication to sleep now. I have to – without it, I simply float across semi-sleep for eight hours and don’t get the deep rest my mind and body needs.
Medication. I will never again be tempted to believe I can live in society or have the insights into my thoughts and moods without it.
Nutrition. I gave up eating meat over a year ago, but regularly skip meals altogether as well. Making nutrition one of my five things reminds me to eat at least one healthy meal a day.
1000 words. If I do not write, I am not fully alive.
Yoga/Walk. This could be either a formal session at my local yoga studio, or a simple 15 minute walk with my dog. Either are possible, both are essential.
It’s okay to have only a few things you can do every day. If I can get these done, I know I’m doing well. Everything, and I mean everything else is considered superfluous, and I refuse to admonish myself for not getting those things done. These are things for me, by me, including me, and because of me.
Five things. What’s yours?

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